Our Story

The idea for our shop came about after years of working within the holistic health food industry.

Realising that with our knowledge base as trained nutritionists and our love of good quality products, we had so much more to offer than any of the run of the mill standard business chains of health food stores could. We decided to create our own Health store and the Height of Health became a well-loved local family run health shop in Ennis Co. Clare. Since opening 7 years ago, we have opened 5 stores and we know we owe this success only to our customers who trust our trained nutritionists that are there to listen and really care about your health,

Since first opening our doors in August 2010, we believe we’ve created a store that people can trust and love. From the beginning, we knew what we wanted to create – we wanted to offer a place for the people of Ireland and Dundalk that would feed the soul as well as the body.