Why do you run?

Ive always liked running and have always been fairly fit, Ive always wanted to be a super fit athlete on a professional level or a sports star in great condition but unfortunately i wasnt blessed technically enough and the sheer dedication just wasnt enough! my limitations technically never stopped my competitevness or my happiness at […]

Facebook competition

Celebrated herbalist from Irish Botanica Dave Foley visited us today and gave us some excellent training and info on all their current range of products!! To mark the occasion we’re giving away one of the most popular herbal remedies “MILK THISTLE’ Just tag share and comment on our facebook page and we’ll pick a winner […]

Sunscreen-Whats in your bottle?

I’m so happy that the sun is shining but it also means that its a time to slather on that sunscreen! Just the thought of it makes me feel lazy! My toddler enjoys screaming in my face while doing tumbles as I try to sunscreen him up! When I have a sunscreen I love to […]

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