St. Patrick’s Protein Balls


These St Patrick’s protein balls will go down a treat on Paddy’s day and will keep your legs dancing to the wee hours. Spirulina is a great source of amino acids and protein and brilliant for your immune system too. These are an easy way to include it into your diet and they are seriously tasty […]

Probiotic no-bake Brownies


I’m a massive fan of clean eating author Susan Jane White and her delicious recipes. Like me she is a big fan of probiotics and looking after your digestive health to stay on your top form. I first discovered the important connection over 6 years ago, my chance upon probiotics was life changing. I was […]



You know your diet is going well when porridge excites you!  I’ve started the 90 day ‘shift, shape and sustain’ plan by Joe Wicks (AKA The Bodycoach). I’m doing quite well so far due to the emphasis being on short amounts of exercise and good food, two things I like quite a lot. The main thing […]