Coeliac Awarness Week

The yearly Coeliac Awareness Week – will take place this Monday from the 8th to the 15th of May.  To mark the occasion we will be selling gorgeous freshly baked gluten free bread in store made by the very talented Baker George from Georges patisserie in Slane. If it goes well we’ll stock it all year round so please come in to try some out!

The theme this year is the ‘Faces of Coeliac Disease’.

Throughout the week, the Coeliac Society will be highlighting the fact that coeliac disease can occur at any stage in life, and is a life-long condition. Coeliac disease affects an estimated one in every 100 people in Ireland.

Many initatives will take place across Ireland to mark the week including:

    • a pop up shop selling only gluten free products called Un’glud in dublin. I love the idea of browsing through this shop knowing I can eat EVERYTHING in store!
    • The launch of an online self-assessment tool to help people to determine if they could be coeliac by the Coeliac Society of Ireland . The tool will be available to coincide with the start of Awareness Week on May 8th. Such  a great idea considering so many people are still undiagnosed.
    • lots of offers off gluten free products in our store including freshly baked gluten free bread and tasty samples to try each day.

I hope you call in to try out the fresh gluten free bread,it’s vegan, lactose, sugar and yeast free too! Now with all that talk i’m off to make some gluten free toast!

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