Earth Day

It’s International Earth day today! lets take a moment to appreciate our beautiful planet Earth!

 By eliminating stray and natural light sources, researchers can depict a  clearer picture of the human footprint on Earth. Learn more about this image. (NASA Earth Observatory image by Joshua Stevens, using Suomi NPP VIIRS data from Miguel Román, NASA GSFC.)

As we land on Earth Day 2017, talking about Earth science can sometimes feel like a blue affair. Worldwide temperatures are at record highs. The Arctic sea is in fairly bad shape. Bleaching procedures are damaging coral reefs. And as an thought-provoking article in EOS lately noted, humans are affecting the very shape of Earth’s surface in unprecedented ways.

“We have altered flood patterns, created barriers to runoff and erosion, funneled sedimentation into specific areas, flattened mountains, piled hills, dredged land from the sea, and even triggered seismic activity,” the researchers wrote.

Even with all of these challenges, there are still reasons to be hopeful. Humanity  has come together in the past to confront major  global problems. Levels of protective o-zone are steadying because of the Montreal Protocol. In the United States and Europe, better technology and regulations have led to drastic reductions in air pollutants such as nitrogen and sulfur dioxide.

Some of the environmental encounters we face are discouraging and can seem inflexible, but there are some good reasons to feel comforted by the expertise and tools that the scientific community bring to the table.

Computers and tools that used to take up whole rooms now fit snugly onto autonomous aircraft, robots and satellites. At this very moment, 1,459 satellites orbit our planet—including 19 from the NASA fleet keeping a watchful eye on the fragile, dynamic Earth.

And of course, we must all take responsibility and do our own part to protect our beautiful planet. This is a lovely oath to try and live by so you can do your bit

  • In our Life, We all take an Oath to give back as much as possible to our Earth.
  • In our Life, We all take an Oath to plant & conserve at least 5 Trees.
  • In our Life, We all take an Oath to Recycle as much as possible.
  • In our Life, We all take an Oath to make Earth Pollution Free.
  • In our Life, We all take an Oath to conserve Environment & maintain Ecology Balance.
  • In our Life, We all take an Oath to make Earth More Beautiful for the coming Generations.

Happy International Earth Day!

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