At times sticking to your healthy eating plans or goals can be a struggle especially with a busy lifestyle. Most of the time a lot of us are just trying to get by and that’s ok, you are doing enough and trying your best. The most important thing is that you are happy but If you are tired you can’t focus on your goals or what you really want to do. When you are tired, you don’t make time for exercise or cooking healthy food, so you ring a take away. This leads to less energy the next day, it leads you to grab something bad for your lunch again, you feel worse and worse about yourself.  You are now caught in a cycle.

When you feel unhealthy about yourself, you try to comfort yourself with more unhealthy food. Then you don’t feel motivated to exercise or follow your goals because you don’t have the energy.

Your motivation climbs downward, until you feel lost and stuck in a rut.

The good news about these habits is that they can change direction and climb upward.

If you push yourself to take a small positive step, like going for a walk, you will feel great about it. That gives you the inspiration to prepare a healthy meal plan. Now you’re flying about getting stuff done. You’re motivated to take care of yourself and turn your life around, so you start paying attention to your sleeping. You start a journal. You try some mindfulness. Your running around shouting “catch me outside, How bout dat?

You feel things start to climb upward, and you feel like you’re able for change.

I’ve experienced both kinds of ladders, and have seen both kinds in lots of people. The upward ladder makes you feel amazing, and changes your whole life. I suggest that one!

Aim for your height of health!

Here’s the key: ask yourself which ladder you’re on right now.

Are you climbing upward on the ladder? Keep going! Make one small change at a time, continue to help yourself feel better and better, work on your goals and mindfulness skills, and you’ll only get better at this over time.

Are you climbing the downward ladder? Aw well, it’s good to recognise that. And it’s important to remember that you can go the other direction. I started climbing upward, and many others have too. You can do this.

How do you start moving upward on the ladder? Here’s what I recommend:

  1. Take just a small step. Just do it , even a 15 minute exercise routine or a few squats in your living rom. Or Go for a short walk to clear your head. Start taking short walks every day, or try the couch to 5 k app and go at a very slow pace. Recognise how you feel, and if it makes you feel happy, enjoy it!
  2. Keep taking tiny steps. You don’t need to change your entire life. You just want to start going in the right direction. One little step at a time. It can just be the same kind of step (drinking your water for a couple weeks, doing a few minutes’ exercise in the evenings). But the important thing is to be consistent and over time it will become second nature and you can incorporate a new goal into your life much easier.
  3. Clear up space and energy. De-clutter your house, try a capsule wardrobe, clear your food cupboard. When you know where everything is and have less to choose from it will be so much easier to prepare your meals or just throw on your gym clothes when you want to work out. Try a virtual detox even just a couple of days without your mobile has been proven to produce better memory, grow creativity and improve sleep. On a more realistic “I need some communication with the outside world” level, give yourself only a few hours of TV a week, or try only few minutes of Facebook stalking per day. You’ll make more time for your hobbies and the people you love and clear out some unnecessary noise from your life.
  4. Focus on learning and skill improvement. As you climb your ladder, you’re not just making progress towards a healthier you…. you’re creating new habits. You’re learning about how your mind and body work. You’re learning about mindfulness and motivation and how much stamina you have. How you can take control of your own environment to prosper. Keep going, keep getting stronger, no matter how long it takes.
  5. Keep on the ladder, even if you slip. Things will not go exactly as you planned. You’ll slip up, and it can be easy then to give up, to let go of the upward climb. Remember that it’s okay to slip up sometimes you deserve it, we all need a break, it’s what you do the next day that counts… will you revert to your unhealthy ways or will you continue your climb. Learn how to get back up, start again by taking another small step.

So a downward climb can change direction, if you can take even the smallest step up, don’t over-think it just go for it, and you won’t look back.

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