A. Vogel Artichoke Cynara Drops


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Product Description

A. Vogel’s Artichoke Cynara Drops- 50ml


Tincture of organically grown fresh Cynara scolymus (Globe Artichoke)) leaves, extracted in alcohol (66%V/V).

Nutritional Benefit 

This natural product from A.Vogel may help to improve the way your body metabolises cholesterol. Cynara scolymus leaves (Globe Artichoke) form the key ingredient in this product, with research showing that this plant can reduce high cholesterol and also bloating. This organic supplement comes in liquid tincture form making it easy and convenient to take and is effectively absorbed. Try this wonderful product and see how it could help you.

Directions for Use 

“Recommended Intake:Adults: 20 drops 2-3 times daily in a little water.
Maintenance: Reduce to 20 drops 1-2 times daily in a small amount of water. Not recommended for children.”


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