Macánta Magnesium Citrate


Macánta Magnesium Citrate gives you highly absorbable magnesium, which is required by every organ of the body. Vital for regulating calcium transport and absorption, magnesium is stored in the bones and organs where it can be used when needed for a number of essential functions.

Product Description


Nutrient Description
Per Capsule

Magnesium (as Magnesium Citrate) 200mg 53%

Capsule Shell: Hydoxylpropyl Methylcellulose, Anti Caking Agents (Rice Extract, Rice Bran Flour)*
*Gluten Free

Nutritional Benefit

Magnesium plays a part in and helps with the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, the balance of electrolytes (particularly important for recovery from training), the functioning of the nervous system, normal muscle function, normal protein synthesis, maintenance of normal bones & teeth, and metabolism.

Magnesium also helps to regulate the levels of calcium, copper, zinc, potassium, vitamin D, and other important nutrients. For those involved with sports or regular training, magnesium is a vital nutrient as it is necessary for maintaining proper muscle and nerve function, synthesising proteins and maintaining energy production.

Magnesium levels can be reduced after periods of training or working out so you may benefit from increasing your intake. A deficiency in magnesium can lead to symptoms like cramps and fatigue, delaying recovery.

Directions for Use
As a food supplement for adults, take 1-2 capsules per day, preferably in the morning and/or evening.

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